Performance Friction remblokken zijn de maatstaf voor op het circuit. 90 % van de rijders uit het WK Superbike en British Superbike vertrouwt op deze remblokken.PadTechnology1

De remvoering is gemaakt van Carbon Metallic wat bestand is tegen zeer hoge temperaturen waardoor de remwerking onder alle omstandigheden zeer constant blijft. Tevens zijn Performace Friction remblokken 50 % lichter dan de standaard remblokken, wat zeer belangrijk is aangezien dit onafgeveerd gewicht is.

Performance Friction pads provide the stopping power, extended wear, noise reduction and driver control you want.
Carbon Metallic® pad compounds—more than a dozen formulations specific to each vehicle—give you the optimum performance combination, the ultimate in stopping power and fade-free performance.

The metallic elements in our pad material dramatically improve braking. Carbon provides stability at elevated temperatures, making the pad less likely to deform and deteriorate. All our pads are made to withstand thehottest temperatures, ranging between 572°F and 1472°F (300°C and 800°C).

We don't just copy OE - We Make it Better
No Federal performance standards for aftermarket brake pads currently exist. But we strive to exceed the Federal standards (FMVSS 105 and 135) set for OE on all of our brake pads.

At Performance Friction, we’re dedicated to providing you the absolute best technology in our application-specific linings.

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Performance Friction Brakes® win more championships than any other.What’s our secret?
We engineer the bite, torque, and release of our brake pads to interact and give riders superior control, the lowest lap times, and unrivaled fade resistance. NO COMPROMISES™

Race Ready™ - heat treatment Provides immediate stopping power with limited bedding.
Superior Modulation - Performance Friction pads have excellent and consistent release (modulation) from the first stop to the last. Longer Pad and Rotor Life
Multi-Layer technology™ - increases both pad and rotor life using a 6 layer system, which also reduces noise.
Ionic Fusion™ - Our patented process bonds the friction to the backing plate with the highest shear strength in the industry.
Patented Powder Coating - Eliminates corrosion and ensures smooth faultless operation of the brake system.

2005 PFC Motorcycle Champions
AMA Champions
AMA Supersport – Tommy Hayden
UK Champions
British Superbike Cup - James Buckingham
British Superstock Championship - Lee Jackson
British 125 GP Championship - Christian Elkin
British Supersport Cup - Gary Johnson
Irish Superbike Championship - Alastair Sealey
Superbike Isle of Man TT - John Mc Guinness
Sidecar Isle of Man TT - Dave Molyneux
European Champions
Sidecar World Championship - Tim & Tristan Reeves
Italian Superbike Championship - N. Brignola
Italian Supertwins Championship - Bentivogli

Dutch Superbikes - Paul Mooijman

Compound Descriptions:bremsetest93 compound
Only for use on iron discs. This compound has high initial bite and very high average torque. Long pad life and easy on discs. There is a slight torque rise with temperature to handle the most extreme conditions. 93 is one of the most popular race compounds in the 4-wheeled race market and considered the benchmark material for many other pad manufacturers.
95 Compound
Similar characteristics to 93, but specifically developed to cope with stainless steel discs. This compound is the most widely used for bikes and can be used on both stainless and iron discs. Provides the same advantages as 93; excellent bite, good controllability, virtually fade free, excellent wear rate, very good release. 95 compound is the choice of champions, having been used by Troy Bayliss and John Reynolds to win the World and British Superbike Championships respectively.
96 Compound
96 compound is very similar to 95 but possesses slightly higher initial bite with higher cold and wet bite performance. Slight sacrifice in longevity compared to 01. This compound is ideal for smaller diameter discs such as the Brembo 290mm race disc where brake effectiveness is not compromised in return for improved turn-in and handling. Can be used both on Stainless and iron discs.
99 Compound
99 compounds have slightly higher bite and higher torque than the 95 compounds with excellent release. Improved modulation thought out its range with a flat torque curve. 99 compound works well with stainless rotors. 99 compounds are very easy on the discs, with very low wear.
01 Compound
01 compound has slightly higher bite and torque for the first 2/3’s of the stop when compared to 93 and 95 compound. At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter for improved modulation with excellent release and a flatter torque curve. 95 compounds are very easy on the discs with low wear. Can be used both on Stainless and iron discs.
03 compound
This is one of the newest generation and the most advanced race compounds in the PFC range. 03 compounds have shown to have excellent initial bite and higher average torque than all PFC compounds. There is a slight rise of torque with temperature to handle the most severe conditions. 03 have excellent release for improved modulation. Very easy on the discs with wear on par with most PFC compounds. Requires finesse so as not to over slow or overwhelm the bike’s setup.
05 Compound
05 has higher initial bite and higher average torque than any other PFC compound. 05 has virtually no torque rise with temperature, and the release and modulation characteristics are second to none. Despite it's considerable performance, 05 has wear comparable to 03. This compound demands the most from the bike’s setup and is designed to handle the most severe applications.
28 Compound
28 compound is offered for Snowmobile applications only. It offers a very progressive feel with excellent high temperature wear characteristics. 28 makes an excellent higher friction OE replacement pad and is priced competitively. 28 has been used with great success by top ten teams and overall Pro Champions in ISOC and MRP.